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Frequently Asked Questions About Wool Blankets

Woven wool blankets vs. non-woven wool blankets

Why are wool blankets better?

If you've ever seen or felt the coat of a sheep, you may be surprised to learn that the coarse, dirty hair that protects these creatures is the same material that your wool blanket is made out of. Wool is a great fabric for clothing and blankets because it naturally regulates temperature, making it the perfect coat for sheep in the wild and human beings in their homes in many different climates.

Wool is a natural fiber that breathes in hot weather and insulates in cold. The wool your blanket is made of is generally called apparel wool. This means it is of a high enough quality to be used to make blankets and clothing. Wool is also flame-resistant, making it a safe material.

What is a "loom woven" wool blanket?

  • The wool yarn from two directions are actually woven together.
  • Produces a very durable, warm and long lasting wool blanket that is suitable for machine washing and drying.
  • Recommended for facilities that will wash and dry blankets on a regular basis.
  • Packed 12 per carton 23" x 16" x 23"
What is a "needle-punch" or "non-woven" wool blanket?
  • Blended fibers of wool and synthetic are intertwined with thousands of needles above and below, producing a felt-like blanket material.
  • Produces a warm, limited-use wool blanket for disaster and emergency relief.
  • This inexpensive process allows for large quanties of wool blankets to be produced quickly and sold at a low cost to disaster relief organizations.
  • Not recommended for machine washing.
  • Packed 12 per carton 24" x 20" x 24"
    disaster blankets

For custom industrial textiles and needlepunch felt, contact Bouckaert Industrial Textiles

Packaging and Shipping of Wool Blankets
Cartons: 12 wool blanket units per cardboard carton.
Carton size: 24"x 20"x 24" for needlepunch blankets
Carton size: 23"x16" x 23" for loom woven blankets

Bales: 25 wool blanket units, compressed, banded and packed in airtight & watertight heavy gauge vinyl.
Bale size: 33" x 20" x 20"

Container Size Bales Cartons
20' container 112 200
40' container 272 400

Container Size Bales Cartons
40' trailer 300 430
48' trailer 350 516
53' trailer 400 525

relief blankets

Small wool blanket orders are shipped UPS Ground and charges are invoiced to the customer. Please note that UPS charges dimesional weight for our cartons, because they are oversized.

UPS shipments over 150 lbs. qualify for the One-Hundred Weight reduced shipment rates.
Contact UPS

Large wool blanket orders are shipped via common carrier. You may designate a trucking company for orders over 300 wool blankets, or our Traffic Dept will secure the least expensive rate, and add it to the invoice. For collect or 3rd party shipments, specify carrier and account number on your purchase order.

Ordering Wool Blankets

How Do I Order?
  • Fax your purchase orders to 401-769-0192 attn: Sales Dept. You will receive an order confirmation and shipping date via fax or email.
  • Mail your purchase orders to Northwest Woolen Mills, Attn: Sales 235 Singleton St. Woonsocket, RI 02895.
  • email your purchase orders to Sales

A confirmation will be sent via fax or email:

Northwest Woolen Mills
235 Singleton St. Woonsocket, RI 02895
800-848-9665 x 121 Fax: 401-769-0192

Payment Terms

  • Fax credit references to 401-769-0192 attn: Credit Dep't. Net 30 approval takes 1-2 business days.
  • Phone in your Visa/MC number to 800-848-9665 ext. 121. Your order will be shipped within 48 hours.
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