“Bunkhouse Plaid” Wool Blankets

$22.05 each

  • Naturally flame retardant, soft, warm & machine washable.
  • Cheerful patterns brighten up any room in your house.
  • Use on your bed or as a throw blanket in the family room.
    Great for the car, too!
  • Minimum order: 24 blankets.
  • Blue/Green Plaid
  • Brown/Tan Plaid
  • Blue/Grey Plaid
  • Red/Black Plaid
  • 50% wool, loom woven. Fits twin bed.
  • Colors can be mixed to meet the minimum order.

Additional Information

Our loom woven wool blankets are warm, soft and flame retardant. Easy to care for too; these are washable wool blankets. Washing wool blankets are easy; machine wash on a gentle cycle, add fabric softener to the final rinse and tumble-dry on low heat.  Our woolen blankets are manufactured at 66″ wide. These fit great on a single or double bed. They are also used as throw blankets in family rooms. We regret we are unable to manufacture queen and king sizes.


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