About Us

We are a division of The Brickle Group providing comfort and warmth by producing wool and synthetic blankets for 68 years. Our mill in Woonsocket, RI manufactures army blankets and emergency relief blankets, providing humanitarian relief all over the world. Wherever there is a natural disaster or political strife, there is a good chance our blankets are there!

We begin with the raw wool fiber and continue to the finished blanket.

Our Sales Department is available to assist with any questions you may have about wool blankets and our services. From writing wool blanket specifications for your facility, to providing low cost emergency relief blankets for community projects, our personalized approach satisfies customers nationwide. Call us at 800-848-9665 ext. 121. Our shipping department will secure the least expensive rates to get relief blankets to the desired location…fast!

We strive to provide quality woolen blankets at affordable prices. Our large factory and warehouse enables prompt delivery for all situations. Years of experience and excellent service provide our customers with the wool blankets they need, when they need them.