Case Study: Londonderry School District Buys Masks for Students and Staff

Northwest Woolen Mills has recently secured an order with Londonderry School District. This is significant to us here at Northwest because their story is one which we are hearing over and over again.

Londonberry High School

Administrators all around the country were in a state of confusion when this pandemic began. They had many questions regarding the procurement of PPE for the upcoming school year. Where were they supposed to get masks in bulk? What masks are safest? What is a good price? These are questions that we see many school districts asking. But all schools have one thing in common and that is a deep desire to keep their students and staff safe during these difficult times.

While it is possible to change to a fully online learning environment. This route of action was not desirable. The following chart shows that by this point in March, over 1 billion students around the world had been impacted by school closures. And it was Londonderry’s mission to reopen in-person classes for the Fall 2020 semester. Or at least reopen for those who are willing to return.


Peter Curro, Business Manager at the Londonderry New Hampshire School District was tasked by his Superintendent to find a reliable source of PPE gear to help keep their students and staff safe from COVID-19 during the upcoming school year.

During Peter’s search for a supplier, he found Northwest Woolen Mills online. A manufacturer who is local to New England, has 60+ years of experience, and is able to supply large orders of PPE. Through conversations with our sales team, he was able to get answers to all the questions he had.

But finding a reliable company to order from was only half the battle. Now came the time to choose the right product. Are disposable masks best or reusable? Is a 3-ply better than a KN95? Are they comfortable enough to wear all day?

Peter finally reached the decision to keep the Londonderry students safe in a way that would also show school pride. This can only be done with our Logo’ed Corporate Face Mask. This anti-bacterial, reusable face mask is made with a breathable mesh fabric that allows students to remain comfortable all day long. It also utilizes FDA approved ATB-UV+ technology (which uses silver ions to prohibit bacterial growth). The construction of the mask along with the option to add a logo makes this a perfect choice for schools.

Within 24 hours of making a decision, the Londonderry order was submitted and finalized. Each and every one of their masks got logos printed on them, packaged and shipped within the following 10 days.

Londonderry School District has since reached out to us to express their happiness for the masks. Their district is now using a hybrid online/in-person schedule for their schools. But they can be certain that they made the right decision when choosing a PPE supplier.