100% Natural Scrub Pad

Environmental Safe Cleaning

scrub pad

Our 100% recycled fiber, all-wool scrub pads are the perfect choice for those looking to clean with a sustainable, all-natural, and plastic-free scrub pad.

Our mechanical bonding process takes wool to the next level by ensuring each scrub pad is free from any resins or chemicals. You can expect a long lifespan because of its ability to compress rather than wear away with each use. To get the best performance from our scrub pads, wash with warm water and soap between hands for 30 seconds before first use.

Benefits of our Scrub Pad

100% Recycled

Recycled All Wool Fiber


Does Not Contribute to Ocean Plastic


Naturally Anti-Bacterial

Up to 10x More Use

Last Longer than Traditional Sponges

Improves with Use

Fibers Interlock with Continued Use


No Smell or Odor from Use

Benefits of Using Wool


Wool grows naturally on sheep, and is made of a protein called keratin – the same protein that is in human hair. During the biodegradation process, fungi first destroy the ends of the wool fiber. Bacteria then digest the weakened fiber by secreting enzymes. This is the reason wool biodegrades so well

Natural Antibacterial Properties

Wool does not promote the growth of bacteria or dust mites, nor does it give off harmful gases. In addition, the fibres are too long and too coarse to be inhaled, so wool will not irritate the respiratory system or trigger an allergic reaction.

Improves With Use

One of the most widely used techniques for manufacturing felt is called wet felting. This is a process where you mix fibers with water to entangle the strands of fiber into each other. When using a wool-based scrub pad, you are essentially wet felting the fibers and creating a continually more dense scrub pad. The high natural resilience of the wool fiber will also ensure that the scrub pad is maintained when subjected to the stresses and strains of everyday usage.

Flame Resistant

Of the commonly used textile fibers (cotton, rayon, polyester, acrylic and nylon), wool is widely recognized as the most flame resistant. Wool’s inherent fire resistance comes from its naturally high nitrogen and water content.

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